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Mar 4, 2014 6:00am PST
it a tea party. clearly dewhurst is in the crosshairs, once again second cycle in a row having to carry the torch via the establishment. how much trouble is he in? a runoff seems likely. if he couldn't survive a runoff in 12, i don't know how he does it this time. >> i think the question is, what's going to happen and who his opponent is going to be in this runoff. it's almost assured he's going to be in a runoff. from the polling numbers we've seen, he's going to be in the lead. if he ends up with dan patrick in a runoff who is running to the right of dewhurst, we've seen how he faired in runoffs before when ted cruz came in. the question is whether dewhurst can hang on. the tea party in texas has not been as aligned as we've seen them in past years. i think there's still a sense that dewhurst could eek this out even with a far right opponent. >> you know, you spoke just a moment about keisha rogers, running for the democratic nomination in u.s. senate. again, our polling numbers show she is in the lead zbl. >> unbelievable. >> despite democrats trying to force her out. >> you can't ha
Mar 2, 2014 9:00am EST
and switch with the confidence of a worry-free guarantee. verizon fios is 100% fiber optic -- comcast isn't. that's why nothing compares to fios -- rated number one by pc magazine seven years in a row for speed, reliability and customer satisfaction. upgrade to fios today and go to call the verizon center for customers with disabilities to get america's fastest, most reliable internet. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. getting the difference... that's powerful. p >> osgood: the words "you must remember this" are from a song "as time goes by" made famous by casa blanca. or a bit of a curse considering what we're learning about criticism, power to root itself in our minds. our sunday morning cover story is reported with you tracy smith. >> in the 40 years he's been writing books and movie review, leonard malton but those aren't what he remembers. >> i save all the reviews my books have gotten over the years. and i can cite negative ones for you pretty much from memory. >> and positive ones? >> not so much. >> the fact is criticism sticks. beneath every designer outfit on the red ca
Feb 27, 2014 3:00pm EST
. the porridge was just perfect. she hasn't missed a beat. >> looks like we're going to do it. fourth time in a row we've flirted with that all-time high on the s&p. we're going to get it with a gain of 8 1/2 points. keep an eye out for that. we have gap and earnings coming up. an exclusive interview with the ceo of mylan as well on the second hour of "the closing bell" with kelly evans and company. i'll see you tomorrow, kelly. >>> thank you, bill. welcome to "the closing bell." i'm kelly evans with the s&p 500 rallying today to a new record close. here's how we're finishing the day on wall street. take a look across all major indexes. we're seeing green arrows. the dow adding 75 points as the bell tolls. the nasdaq adding about 26 at this hour. the s&p 500 pushing through at the close there, adding about nine points. 1854 is the level there. a rally of half a percent to a new closing high. what does it all mean? let's ask today's panel. joini in it is great to have you all here. elon, was it yellen? >> i don't know if it was entirely yellen, but she did say something inter
Mar 1, 2014 8:03pm EST
cheer is the motor sent the trolley on its way. the nine rows of benches were not filled yet but they would be soon enough. outside a small group shouted outwards of encouragement. get there and don't let any of them get ahead of you one cried out. he broke to allow a dozen passengers on board. all aboard for the subway on park street he shouted and a voice shouted back you did that without a stutter. the bell rang and the car pulled away again. the journey from austin to cambridge to boston to 20 minutes most morning but then usual number of passengers delayed at each stop. by the time the car reached pearl st. in cambridge across the charles river from boston and older gentleman found there were no seats left and he was told he would have to wait for the next car. not a chance he shouted. he came all the way down from dickerson in somerville to endure this privilege and deserve to make history with the rest of them. in 1856 he had written on the first horse pulled car on the metropolitan and wanted to achieve another first today. the schedule called for a car every half hou
Feb 25, 2014 7:00pm EST
difficult issues. like i say, i don't know that i have all the wisdom on this, but i do have my capitalist hat on. anyway, josh bar row, thank you so much and kathy thanks so much. >>> another state governor is in the news right now as oklahoma's mary fallin says president obama is very close to finally making a decision on the keystone pipeline. we're going to talk to governor fallin herself about that and much more. >>> later on the republicans are about to come out with their sweeping plan for supply side tax reform. how about that. we're going to get the highlights for you in just a couple of minutes. for now, don't forget free market capitalism is the best bet to prosperity, supply side tax reform. i'm kudlow, we'll be right back. , 3 million lines of code, 40,000 sets of eyes, or a million sleepless nights. whether it's building the world's most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪ like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male
Mar 1, 2014 10:00pm PST
the news, show he's innocent. out he comes. but that as you're about to see, isn't how it works in the 21st century america. ryan ferguson has been a preoccupation here at "dateline" for years. the prison here on no more victim's row, our familiar destination. >> it's been what, how many years? >> 40 years. >> tonight we'll show you the inside story of his long saga. and how he went from college student to convicted murderer to prisoner. and finally, to tourist in his own hometown. >> you recognize your town? >> i do recognize it. i've always wondered where this particular building over here was, you know. i see it on tv a lot. >> it's been a trip, all right. sort of trip that on the wrong night at the wrong place, could happen to almost anyone. this is the cautionary tale of what happened to him. >> easy to get convicted of something. >> absolutely. >> lard to get out again. >> incredibly difficult. >> the night back when it all began was a rare combination. halloween under a full moon. it was 2001. a college town. columbia, missouri. ryan ferguson and chuck erickson, both at 17, considera
Mar 4, 2014 5:00pm PST
legislature is back in session, and you will never guess what's one of their top items on their agenda. >> can't take it no more! >> today, people gathered in front of the florida state capitol for the second day in a row protesting the legislature's conservative agenda on this, the first day of the state's legislative session. >> since stand your ground was put if place back in 2005, 26 states have adopted stand your ground laws or doctrine. >> but it looks like for now stand your ground is here to stay. last year, lawmakers voted down a bill that would have repealed stand your ground, and florida governor rick scott has reiterated his support for the law. >> i'm not going to call a special session. i believe in our stand your ground and self-defense statutes. >> and now in their new session, legislators are poised to pass not a repeal of the law, but an expansion of it. or as some lawmakers would tell you, a clarification. it's been nicknamed the so-called warning shot bill. today it was voted out of the senate's judiciary committee unanimously. it passed out of the house committee earlier thi
Mar 5, 2014 8:00am PST
in a row and people that are very nervous about what happens if you have the europe, russia and the u.s. fighting over prospects in ukraine. i say, don't let vladmir putin be your financial manager. here is why. if you sold stocks on monday, then, when they rallied back, you lost all that. regular people should not be. regular investors like you and me should not be trading geopolitics. it is a fool's game. we don't know what will happen next. plan on retirement based on how old you are, stocks, bonds, asset allocation. >> you don't let vladimir putin get under your skin. christine romans is talking about what effect this is going to have on americans right now. this has a much bigger impact, much more direct on everyone in europe. >> of course, not only is it on their doorstep but if you take countries like germany, they have the biggest cross border flows between europe and russia. which commodity is most at risk, gas, oil, gas lines go through ukraine on to europe. so not only is this hiking the price of gas to the ukraine. that could disrupt supplies to countries from as far north
FOX Business
Feb 27, 2014 11:00am EST
for the third day in a row. -pcome on, tell me why. nicole: this is a stock that people probably weren't falling so closely until this week. this stock today was up 12% which is double the sale, $22 idea. this is ecommerce. you go to the internet for moms and kids and they have apparel and home goods, double their sales, stock is 12%, is that 70%. stuart: we call it amazon for moms. charles: momentum is growing. stuart: dow jones industrial average up 25 points. janet yellen is telling the senate banking committee economic conditions have changed since the last appearance before the house a couple weeks ago. economy could be weaker because of the weather. doesn't know how much weaker yet. no response on the market but that is what she is saying. the dow is up 24. let's get to senator harry reid. he says doesn't believe you. if you have a horror story about obamacare, canceled coverage, cut hours, say you are a victim, you are a liar. listen to what he said. >> 24 stories being told all are untrue but they are being told all over america. stories made up from whole cloth, lies. stuart: he used th
FOX News
Feb 27, 2014 12:00am PST
the ignore your neighbor credo too far? i don't know how to pronounce that word. he is looking for conversation explaining a friendly nod will do. pardon me when you signal you would like to get into or out of a row. even a gentle tap if i am sleeping. anything but the silent treatment. you are for familiar with bus travel. this guy seems needy. i need you to say hi to me. >> usually on the bus somebody starts to touch their -- that's how it works. are you going to cut that? >> no, you just took my joke. >> both jedediah -- >> sorry. >> you are welcome, man. >> i try to avoid -- i never -- especially i never tell people what i do on a plane. it is a bunch of conversation i don't want to have. one time i was next to a kid and he was so weird immediately. he was like, hello, sir. i'm like, what's up? he said are you going to phoenix for business or pleasure? are you a robot person? i said i want to see where this goes. i said business. he said that's terrific. my name is todd by the way. hi, todd. what is your business? i am a stand up comedian, todd. that's interesting. i also
Mar 4, 2014 7:00am PST
come off of doing like three things in a row. now i can't remember the name of it, the larry david movie on hbo and robo cop at the same time. i was flying back and forth and i was getting ready to start or maybe i'd shot this movie called bird man. and so i was pretty beat by the time i got there, and there was long speeches. because the character lives up in a tower and he kind of sets up the race. interestingly, the original -- the guy's name originally was bird man. and there's a movie called bird man that i'm in. and so they had to change it to the monarch and i don't know why. but -- >> you're in a lot of movies. "bird man," "robo cop." >> yep. >> the new robo cop has this big suit. wears a suit. >> a suit. >> you know something about this. you were batman. did you have sympathy for this suit? >> no. because it's air conditioned and it's a whole other ball game. no, i actually kind of did. but they are -- it is much easier to wear. in batman, they were still trying to figure out how this whole thing would work. and the thing about it is, if it goes wrong, it goes way wrong. >
Mar 4, 2014 6:00pm PST
. ♪ title.. unless they get a br beater. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo s us: it's no >>> a basketball team can't defend their title unless they get a buzzer beater. kpix 5's ryan takeo says a paperwork is what happened. >> they have won the east bay sectionals five years in a row. they all want it this year. they played one more game than athletic rules allow, though. the coach says it's his mistake. >> i'm hurting because i see my kids hurting and feeling guilty i let down 13 of my children. those are my kids and i feel horrible for it. the students, i know this is extremely difficult, but they have exceeded the number. >> the sections commissioner says he had a competitive advantage by playing that extra game. they were kept from playing sectionals, and the commissioner wants to make sure they are out of the upcoming state tournament, too. >> you can't just pick and choose on gaven day what it is you're going to follow and not follow. so my obligation is to be as consistent as possible. >> today, the team held a press conference pleading to get in the state tournament. they are circulating a p
Feb 27, 2014 8:00am PST
death row prisoner who spent 15 years on death row in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day before being exonerated in 2012. >> i do not condone with those who have committed serious offenses have done, but i also don't condone what we do to them when we put them in solitary for years on end and treat them as subhuman. as ae better than that civilized society. we should be better than that. i would like to believe the vast majority of the people in the united states would be appalled if they knew what we're doing to inmates in solitary confinement and understood that we are torturing them for reasons that have little, if anything, to do with protecting other inmates or prison guards from them. week, new york state agreed to reform its use of solitary confinement, including banning its use in disciplining prisoners under 18. lawmakers in massachusetts are considering a bill that would ban the shackling of prisoners who are giving birth. temporaryissued regulations to limit the practice last week. advocates say it is not unusual for women to be handcuffed hospital beds while in labor
FOX News
Feb 28, 2014 3:00am PST
the election the president's team said is joe biden going to help? and said no. he wasn't needed on capitol hill which was his strong suit. >> factor this in. nothing got done. nobody filled in his row. john mccain made the comment i guess he was sent to an undisclosed location. al gore and dick cheney and george bush don't get along right now. >> people were saying they were hiding biden. i said that. >> it was genius then and genius now. >>> yesterday bill o'reilly sat with obama's senior adviser and was making the case for the brother's keeper plan. things got a little awkward quick ely. take a listen. >> got two more questions about this. how much time we got? i'm sure she wants to get out of here. >> i'm enjoying the conversation. >> they were back and forth on the brother's keeper thing. i thought it was interesting, he said you should come on and the president should talk about the program and really push it forward and be aggressive. she egoes we just meet one-on-one. she goes the first lady should come on says we go to the classrooms. if you want to do it do it in a big way. she co
Mar 4, 2014 1:00pm EST
. >> three months in a row we will have lousy numbers and then get a pass. >> they will just find another way to dismiss it and say don't pay attention to it. >> yeah. yeah. the market almost wants to go up and wants every excuse why there might be -- it still doesn't have to sell off. the trend is definitely on the upside. >> look at this. even the macro data out of europe this morning was not stellar by any stretch. mario is worried about deflation over there. certainly not what you want to see happening, yet european markets were all up better than 2% again on that relief rally from yesterday when they knocked them down. >> yeah. we will see. we have a couple more days to go. we don't know what will happen in ukraine. we don't know what will happen with the data. thank you, gentlemen, very much. >>> to the nasdaq which is a big winner today, up more than 1.5%, hitting a 14 year high. sheila is back with us following the big movers there. hey, sheila. >> well, you guys were just talking about this 2% rally. you are seeing that loud and clear in the nasdaq as well. more than 25% of the nasda
Feb 26, 2014 1:00pm EST
for california. we just hope too much rain doesn't come too soon. stay tuned. back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. >>> check out nat gas. prices are falling again today. third session in a row, hitting two week lows. traders are cashing out of the march contract because it is expiring. they are looking ahead also to spring which we hope will bring milder weather. despite the big drop, nat gas prices are still up more than 15% year to date. >>> meantime, the rollback on sanctions providing a big boom for iran. reuters reporting that iran's oil exports jumped in february, the fourth straight month that the islamic republic has seen a rise in its exports. they are now at about 1.3 million barrels per day. indonesia, syria, south korea, india and china are some of iran's biggest oil customers. since the interim deal was announced, brent crude has been pretty much flat, up just a little better than .1% today. simon? >>> we have two big stories on the wealth beat coming up. robert "money bags" franks is back. >> first we will take you on a tour of the richest neighborhoods in america and none are
Mar 2, 2014 7:00pm PST
: this was not a case of a kid thinking it was a toy and letting it go off by accident? >> rowe: there's no evidence this was anything but intentional. >> stahl: prosecutor michael soccio. >> michael soccio: when he was taken into juvenile hall, he's so little, they didn't have shoes to fit him. so they had to go out and buy him a little pair of tennis shoes. and he asked if he'd be able to keep the shoes when he left, which showed an absolute lack of understanding of what was going to be happening. >> stahl: the department of justice reports only nine cases of a ten-year-old killing a parent since 1980. but then, how many american kids are raised by a nazi? when you heard that the victim was the head of the local nazi organization, did you just think to yourself that that had something to do with it? >> soccio: when i first heard it, i thought there's got to be some connection with nazi views, with guns, with weapons, with violence. >> stahl: hate speech. >> soccio: hate speech, sure. >> stahl: that was just about everyone's assumption. so we set out to discover why jeff hall became a nazi in the f
Mar 4, 2014 1:00pm EST
-year health costs, has been observing that you've seen three years in a row of very low health growth. if you look on a per beneficiary inflation adjusted basis, medicare growth has been 0.0%, and medicaid has actually fallen. that the economy doesn't have a substantial impact on medicaid, so some poem debated whether or not the recession caused the slowdown. i think anyone would argue that that's a major cause of what you have seen in medicare. it's been a combination of policies in the affordable care act that have helped reduce the cost and increase the quality as well as underlying structural changes in the health system. and you have seen both the actuaries, independent outyear projections for health expenditures. bowgeen the administration all assume that a lot effects would continue and result in lower spending in the future than was riginally projected. >> because they were projecting a deficit of 4% of g.d.p., how much does the health care calculations factor into that differential? >> the biggest difference is policy. you just quoted the c.b.o. number which assumes no policy. the pr
Feb 25, 2014 8:00pm EST
you have seen in your -- i don't know how to describe it, and prevalent experience. >> well, i have also -- i have also come in contact with individuals who are in prison, on death row. they make no attempt to profess their innocents. they would prefer life as opposed some death. but someone who would make a statement like that to kill someone that is but an insult them commences leave them in a sell by themselves. you let them out at the appropriate times. you do not just like the men all and forget about it. if i was to do that or you were to do that to someone in euro you would go to prison for that. it is inhumane. >> thank you. i know that center and others maries the question about women, incarcerated women. you know the vulnerabilities that they have. think about other categories, those who are being held for immigration efficent -- offenses which are technical violations, not crimes perce. no question about it. and the vulnerability they would have because of language and culture and the threat of deportation. what can you tell us about those women and what they face? >> wom
Mar 3, 2014 6:00am EST
investing in general. i would ask you for your mac roy row view in the markets. in your letter, you pointed out you don't give much credence to people offering macro views. >> no. i've been buying stocks and businesses for a lot of years. i've never bite becaused on macro figures. the first business i bought was in the spring of on '92. the macro factors were not looking good. we were -- it was right up at pearl harbor and we were getting clobbered in the south pacific and the war does not look good. i think almost every american thought we were going to win the war. but when i bought my fist stock, i spent all my $120. i was not doing it based on headlines. i did it for what i was get forth my money. >> when you bought into it, you say you haven't looked at macros. i can think of times when you have looked add macros. >> stocks are demonstratablely cheap. i remember an early in 1974 -- or i did an interview with forbes and in 2008 i wrote an article for the times. occasionally when they're ridiculously cheap. but most of the time, they're good value. but there have been a few times when i
Mar 3, 2014 7:00am PST
: with the first ten rows relaxed, she spent time off the stage and among the nominees. >> i have a crazy idea i will order pizza. so if i do, i don't want it to go the waste. who will eat pizza if i -- jennifer? yes. harrison? >> reporter: turning it into an everyone's invited dinner party with dinner. >> julia wants cheese. who is your favorite movie star? they're here. who do you want to talk to? >> reporter: and passing a very famous hat to pay the delivery guy. >> what do you have, harvey? >> $200. does that cover it? >> it's a start. >> your stock just went up. you got some money now, lupita. [ laughter ] i'll take that. what is that? >> lip balm. >> lupita's lip balm. that's worth something. >> reporter: no big comedy production numbers. for ellen on oscar night, no problem. >> the most important thing in life is love. and friendship. and family. and if people don't have those things, well, then, they usually get into show business. so. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> thank you. >> so many great moments. she set just the righ
Mar 1, 2014 5:00am PST
was working a the restaurant and he was like, oh yeah sure why don't you come hang out. yeah. and i loved washing dishes. it was awesome. it's like you, the machine, you're cleaning dish organizing thing, putting all your ducks in a row, you know. as any -- any person does you know, in a job you want to move forward and learn new things. so i wanted to get on the cold apps and hot apps and the grill and saute, and them i decided to go to culinary school. >> one of the things that struck me is you constantly talk about the collective. if you have a great team behind you, you can really achieve anything. is that something you realized in the kitchen or did it take you becoming the top chef and realizing it? >> i believe 100% you cannot do -- i mean it's very rare where you can be really successful at anything without a great team of people working with you, and think that -- i realized that very quickly at madison park in the kitchen there. there's chef hume and will ga dara, you know who oversee a staff of -- there's more than a hundred people. you know 45 cooks. you ca
Feb 26, 2014 4:00am EST
to be better sentiment around china, doesn't there? >> absolutely. china is the key driver. >> everyone's getting nervous because the u.n. has been fixed below for the second wednesday in a row. >> i would be careful because the government does what the government wants in china. remember this is not a democratic government. they have a long-term strategic economic plan in place. we will see a moderate acceleration of growth. i don't think we'll see it 7% or below growth. i think it's more like to be 7 1/2 plus, which would be good news for miners. >> talk to us more broadly about european equities. the large cap making moves, volatility well contained. bullish signals? >> i would say so. little note of caution there, because i must admit when everyone gets bull ush i get nervous. when the retail investor is confronted with the scenario where bank interest rates are abysmal and getting more abysmal by the day, bonds look dreadful as well, where are you putting your money? in equities and property, those are the only two asset collapses that seem to offer any sort of hope for the retail
Feb 28, 2014 6:00am EST
. >> what about rick's idea, which i like, which is this notion that you can't get sustainability here. you do a good quarter. there's every reason to believe, given how slow the economy is running, that you'd have a couple sustained quarters in a row. you did a nice 4.1, you can only follow it up with a 2.4. >> somebody said about that 4.1, that there was an inventory component to it. i'm not sure how that played out in this revision. we'd like faster growth, obviously, like faster growth, in the late '90s we'd have 4 had the -- 4.1 quarters one right after the other. it's been a long road to recovery in this -- since the financial crisis. >> segue to policy real quickly. we haven't had a chance to talk about one particular issue. 6.5%. that's the threshold for thinking about raising rates. >> yes. >> you're at 6.6. >> yes. >> what do you do with that language at the next meeting? >> that's a great question. we knew when we set up these thresholds that at some point we would pass through one of the thresholds and probably the unemployment one. and that's exactly what's happening. now we'll
Mar 3, 2014 9:00am EST
about it. >> how many days in a row can you lead with another icahn letter? fourth day in a row. >> talking about thousands of points of light of journalism. >> now carl's using hashtags in his tweets. >> he's ahead of me. >> i haven't gotten a hash glag selfie today. >> cate blanchett uses the word hashtag in her speech and carl using it. >> patrick stewart right over there and told you that this is everything. twitter? >> down 1%. i thought ellen did a good job. another network. >> yes. >> iger network. shots of iger in the audience. >> i still watch it. >> the whole thing, of course. >> i still watch it. >> we're paying the price today but i did watch the whole thing. the dow's down 124, bob is on the floor. >> good morning. what does the ukraine mean for the global markets? risk off right now. what it certainly means, at least now, even if it's resolved shortly, another headwind for global growth. is that a tough winter in the u.s., that's a headwind. ukraine's a bit of a headwind on how serious it is and how long it takes to resolve. that will determine how much of a headwi
Feb 26, 2014 3:00am PST
is he gets the crowd to do the bird. the negativity -- >> what she wanted the woman in the second row flipping the bird what she wanted she got. >> she wanted attention. >> she wanted attention. >> probably have second thoughts about it now coming out of that. >> i wouldn't do anything. >> more positive. any time you get to contrast somebody with kanye west they will always benefit from comparison. coming up on "new day" it sounds like something straight out of a bond film, secret elevators, stacks of cash stuffed into pantyhose. how one bank helped it's wealthiest clients hide billions of dollars from the irs. >> we continue to follow this medical mystery in california. more than 20 children paralyzed by an illness that they say is polio-like. what are the warning signs? we'll talk to the family of a 4-year-old girl who can no longer use her left arm. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go. and only national is ranked highest in car rental customer satisfaction by j.d. power. (natalie) ooooh, i like your style. (vo) so do we
Feb 28, 2014 7:00am EST
where there is a college and they closed the college two days this year in a row, one day, just because of the cold. i walked to the store that day. i said, this is laughable that these young kids can go to school today -- can't go to school today and most of them were on campus, so they just walked to the dorm. i am 73 and walked to the store and back. i just think they could carry the let's move a little farther and make it easier for people to move that don't drive. host: thank you for calling in. james, from washington state. caller: hi. we were talking about this problem. i think the real problem in this country is not obesity, it is hunger. ebc are notple on getting enough and they are trying to put limits on what you can buy. i think there should not be any more limits. in problem is not obesity this country, but people who were not getting enough. host: thank you, sir. a couple of last tweets. that wraps up our comforts this morning of the first lady's let's move campaign and the fourth anniversary of that to combat childhood obesity. left this minutes morning. the houses coming
Mar 5, 2014 1:42am PST
is holding in his mouth real tight. how cute. the kitty trying with all its might. >> doesn't stand a chance. eventually the dog lifts the cat, causing the cat to let go, falling to the floor. >> that's awesome. >> that cat is not giving up. >> no, he's not. >> two days in a row, one for the cat, one for the dog. that is cute. >> that's adorable. >> once the cat goes for its nose, he'll drop that. >>> coming up -- finding a nearby public rest room that's not disgusting? yeah, there's an app for that. >>> first, keep your cool or else. how today's angry outbursts could harm your health tomorrow. stay tuned for some serious health warnings. you're watching "world news now." ♪ i'm not angry >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lifelock. ou by lifelock. "world news now" weather brought to you by life lock. cco, and stole her hard-earned money. unfortunately, millions of americans just like you learn all it may take is a little misplaced information to wreak havoc on your life. this is identity theft. and no one helps stop it better than lifelock. lifelock offers the most co
Feb 27, 2014 3:00am PST
, in december, we lost three games in a row. and everybody was up in arms saying, oh, no, the ravens, they're not going to make the playoffs, this and that. we didn't panic, because we knew what we were about. we didn't try to change anything, try to change who we were. we went back to our fundamentals, and played ravens football. that's why we were successful. >> matt, this book is really exciting. i think the essence is all about character. two issues recently in football that call into question character of a lot of football players, the issue that happened with the miami dolphins in terms of bullying. my question, how does that go down in the locker room without people getting control of it? and secondly, we still have the issue of gay athletes. there are a lot of football players that come out and say, hey, choice or not choice it, will have an effect in the locker room. i'd love your thoughts on both of those. >> the miami dolphins. you're talking about two guys out of 1,800. the locker room is a unique culture. i'm not going to deny that. it's a very unique workplace. there's not ma
Search Results 100 to 132 of about 133 (some duplicates have been removed)